Rich Dudes│How Logan Paul Turned On-Camera Charisma into a $45M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│How Logan Paul Turned On-Camera Charisma into a $45M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│How Logan Paul Turned On-Camera Charisma into a $45M Net Worth

Logan Paul's net worth came from skyrocketing digital fame, pro wrestling prowess, and entrepreneurship. His fortune is fortified by equity in the $250 million Prime Hydration company.

Real Estate

Real Estate













The social media maestro turned WWE superstar Logan Paul is a master of all trades and the epitome of charisma. This celebrity vlogger's journey to a $45 million net worth is a masterclass on monetizing fame.

Paul sold his first NFT, a World of Women piece, for a substantial 200 ETH in January—worth $765,000, with $535,000 in profit.

From his early days on Vine to creating engaging YouTube videos with his younger brother Jake Paul, Logan amassed a fortune through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and his Impaulsive podcast.

Added to that is his knack for investing, weaving his magic in fashion, beverages, NFTs, prime real estate, and even snatching up coveted Pokémon cards. Let’s get into the Logan Paul world of investing.

The Paul Brothers' net worth at a glance

Net worth

$45 million


April 1, 1995


American born in Westlake, Ohio, USA

Became a millionaire at



Social media personality, actor, and professional wrestler

Sources of wealth

YouTube, endorsements, Prime Hydration, Maverick, and WWE

Asset classes

Startups, real estate, NFTs, cars, and collectibles

How Logan Paul got rich from his YouTube channel

Logan Alexander Paul graces our screens as a charismatic performer who made a name from running a successful channel on YouTube to acting and professional boxing.

Logan's rise to stardom began in 2013 when he unleashed his comedic prowess on the now-defunct Vine. With his clever sketches, he quickly captivated the internet and amassed a devoted following. But he didn't stop there.

In 2015, he launched his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, to showcase his creative genius beyond six-second clips. The channel skyrocketed, captivating over 23 million subscribers and accumulating nearly 6 billion views.

But Logan wasn't content with just being a digital darling. He leaped into the acting world, gracing small and silver screens. From guest appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Bizaardvark to starring in films like The Thinning, he charmed audiences on screens small and big.

Logan's zest for life also led him down other paths. He dipped his toes into the music industry, releasing his debut single "2016" in 2016, entertaining fans with his unique style. And who can forget his legendary white-collar boxing match against KSI in 2018? In an adrenaline-pumping battle, their first fight ended in a majority draw, with the rematch resulting in a split-decision victory for KSI.

Logan also faced Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout on June 6, 2021, with Mayweather showcasing his superior boxing skills and landing more punches than Paul. The fight ended without a winner amid boos from the crowd.

Just when you thought Logan had reached the pinnacle of fame, he stepped inside the WWE ring. In April 2022, at the grandest stage of them all—WrestleMania 38—Logan teamed up with the charismatic Miz to snatch a glorious victory. His performance earned praise, with fans recognizing his potential in pro wrestling.

The WWE eventually signed him to a multi-event contract. Since then, he has graced arenas like SummerSlam and Crown Jewel, facing off against wrestling giants like Roman Reigns. Though he may have faced a few setbacks, like losing to Reigns, nothing can dampen Logan's unstoppable spirit. He continues to electrify audiences with his larger-than-life aura and impressive athletic skills.

Any tale of triumph wouldn't be complete without a touch of controversy. In 2017, the YouTuber found himself in hot water while visiting Japan's "suicide forest." Logan Paul uploaded a clip showing a deceased individual on his YouTube channel—a decision that sparked outrage. In hindsight, it taught him a valuable lesson about the power and responsibility of being in the limelight.

Wrestling, boxing, partnerships, and social media earnings

In 2014, Logan already had the makings of a social media sensation, with over 3.1 million followers hanging onto his every tweet, Instagram post, Facebook update, and YouTube masterpiece.

This digital creator had people scrambling to watch his six-second Vine videos, garnering four million views in just one week. He also ranked as the tenth most influential figure on Vine, making him "Vine royalty" and filling his pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

Logan eventually transitioned from Vine to YouTube, and the greenbacks started flowing in. His YouTube channel has made around $120 million in advertising revenue and sponsorships since its launch. Logan knows how to captivate his audience and turn their attention into cash heaps.

Paul earned around $10 million in 2019 just from making YouTube videos. In 2021, Logan raked in $18 million in total earnings, making him that year's eighth-highest-earning YouTuber.

Logan also unleashes his influencer prowess on Instagram with a high engagement rate, demanding a princely sum for sponsored posts. Paul reportedly charges $150,000 for each Facebook post and $80,000 for sponsored posts on Instagram, which nicely pads his YouTube income.

Logan tried his hand at podcasting by birthing 'Impaulsive' in 2018—the channel now has over 4.5 million YouTube subscribers. Joined by his trusted friend Mike Majlak and their co-host George, they interview fellow YouTubers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and even celebrities.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ice Cube to Mr. Beast, these podcasting escapades became golden opportunities for unheard stories and even more paycheck-padding sponsorships.

Brands such as Hanes, PepsiCo, HBO, Nike, Verizon, and Dunkin’ Donuts leverage Logan's infectious charm to promote their products and services. These sponsors undoubtedly contribute to Logan Paul's net worth, allowing him to keep up his lavish lifestyle.

Logan Paul and KSI's intense rivalry culminated in two monumental boxing matches in 2018 and 2019. The first fight generated $13 million in revenue, earning them around $2 million each. The second fight likely surpassed $3 million each. His match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. earned him $14 million.

Logan then made his WWE debut on April 2, 2021, and eventually inked a lucrative three-year contract with WWE in 2022. The multi-event deal encompasses his participation in WWE premium live events and TV appearances. This exciting collaboration with WWE elevates Paul's presence in the ring, allowing him to connect with a broader audience.

How Logan Paul’s net worth is invested

Logan Paul's investment portfolio is a diverse and strategic mix of ventures. He excels in creating successful startups such as Maverick, transforming it into a leading fashion brand, and launching the Maverick Club, a lucrative membership program.

His collaboration with KSI culminated in the success of the beverage company Prime Hydration. Additionally, Logan explores the world of NFTs, despite facing setbacks with his CryptoZoo project. He also invests in real estate, showcasing a taste for luxurious properties. Lastly, his valuable Pokémon card collection shows his passion for collectibles.

Logan's portfolio showcases his ability to identify investment opportunities across various industries.


While he's known for his larger-than-life personality, Logan is more than just a social media sensation. He strategically invests in startups and turns them into thriving enterprises.

Maverick by Paul Logan

One of Logan's main ventures is Maverick, an extremely lucrative merchandise company he founded in 2018. This influencer-themed fashion brand started with a bang, earning an astounding $40 million in revenue in its first year alone.

Recognizing the need to evolve, Logan gave Maverick a substantial rebrand in May 2020, transforming it into a full-fledged fashion brand rather than your typical influencer merchandise shop.

This move was a stroke of genius as Maverick soared to new heights, becoming one of the leading fashion brands in the influencer marketplace. Logan's keen eye for branding, strategic investments, and strong online presence propelled Maverick to success.

The Maverick Club

Logan didn't stop at fashion—he also ventured into exclusive membership clubs with his brainchild the Maverick Club. This ingenious concept allows Logan to monetize his most dedicated fans, potentially earning $5.5 million annually.

Through the Maverick Club, followers could pay for exclusive perks such as weekly Zoom calls, monthly giveaways (including the chance to win $10,000 in cash), discounts on Maverick clothing, and access to exclusive content.

This kind of membership program is gaining traction, especially in the esports industry, where organizers seek innovative ways to monetize the support of their devoted followers. With the Maverick Club, Logan taps into the power of fan loyalty while creating an additional revenue stream. It's a win-win for both Logan and his dedicated fanbase.

Prime Hydration

Logan made a knockout move in the beverage industry by teaming up with his boxing rival-turned-business partner KSI to launch Prime Hydration. This thirst-quenching sensation took the world by storm, capturing global markets with its refreshing offerings.

With over $110 million in internal revenue, Prime Hydration's success story speaks for itself. Don't be fooled, though. Logan and KSI aren't just faces for the brand—they are partial owners. The real masterminds behind Prime Hydration are Max Clemons and Trey Steiger, founders of Congo Brands. Max and Trey work closely with influencers to leverage their platforms and build consumer businesses.

When they approached Logan and KSI with the idea of an energy drink, it was a match made in business heaven. With their massive fanbase and influential reach, Logan and KSI are the perfect ambassadors for Prime Hydration. This smart collaboration is a prime example of strategic investments.

Prime Hydration penetrates markets that traditional giants like Gatorade and Body Armor haven't tapped into. Partnering with heavyweight organizations like Arsenal Football Club and the UFC, Prime Hydration secured its spot in the limelight.

Becoming the official drink sponsor of Arsenal means Prime drinks would be stocked at the prestigious Emirates Stadium, giving the brand unparalleled exposure and an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Prime's partnership with the UFC brings them visibility in the 175 countries that broadcast UFC events. This strategic alignment with prominent sports entities cements Prime Hydration's status as a powerful player in the beverage industry.

In July 2023, Spanish soccer giants Barcelona announced Prime as their official hydration partner, signing a lucrative three-year deal. Prime replaced the iconic Gatorade as Barca's hydration partner, making a bold statement in the sports beverages world. Prime branding will be fully displayed during Barca's home games, starting with their first match against Cádiz in August 2023.

Real estate

Logan Paul's real estate portfolio is as impressive as it is diverse, showcasing his taste for luxurious properties and unique investments.

In 2019, Logan acquired the million-dollar Fobes Ranch, which offers breathtaking views and a taste of desert paradise. Spread across 80 acres in the majestic San Jacinto Mountains in southern California, this piece of counterculture heritage holds a rich history as the place where Harvard professor Timothy Leary synthesized and researched LSD.

Moving on to the suburban splendor of Los Angeles, Logan had a stint in a lavish mansion in the affluent Encino suburb. This sprawling 9,000-square-foot abode featured 14 bedrooms fit for indulgence and relaxation. Purchased in 2017 for $6.6 million, Logan finally sold the property to Machine Gun Kelly for $7.5 million, making nearly $1 million in profit.

Logan's journey led him to the enchanting shores of Puerto Rico, where he currently rents a majestic $13 million mansion in the exclusive Ritz-Carlton community. This tropical haven offers privacy, luxury, and a taste of the good life that only the privileged few can experience for $55,000 per month.


Logan invests in digital currencies, particularly non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In 2021, he released an NFT game project called CryptoZoo, which he claimed to have diligently worked on for six months. But the game faced derision for using stock images, receiving a less-than-enthusiastic reception from users.

Criticism escalated when Coffeezilla, a YouTuber known for exposing cryptocurrency scams, aired a three-part docuseries questioning the functionality of CryptoZoo despite substantial investment funding. The series highlighted concerns such as targeting children, launching prematurely, and rampant insider trading of the ZOO token.

Paul responded with a video, threatening legal action against Coffeezilla but offering no further clarification on the project's legal and developmental challenges. Paul subsequently deleted the video, but later expressed remorse on Twitter and pledged to refund $1.3 million to NFT holders through a "rewards program." However, those refunds have yet to come.

While the CryptoZoo venture faced setbacks, Paul's foray into NFTs continued unabated. He revealed that, in 2021 alone, he spent $2.6 million on 139 NFTs.

In August 2021, Logan lost $623,000 on a Bumblebee NFT he acquired for 188 ETH. The NFTs value initially fell below $4,500 by November 2021 before nosediving to a mere $10 by September 2022.

Among his notable purchases were NFTs from the World of Women (WoW) collection. Paul shelled out nearly $800,000 to acquire 42 WoW NFTs. Paul sold his first World of Women NFT for a substantial 200 ETH in January—worth $765,000, with $535,000 in profit.

Currently, Paul's focus lies on his 99 Originals project. This NFT collection showcases 99 Polaroids captured by Paul during his extensive travels in 2021, spanning almost 85,000 miles. Each Polaroid holds a unique story, and purchasers of the NFTs also receive the physical photograph.

The project initiated daily live auctions in April 2022, with each auction randomized while maintaining numbered designations for the Polaroid photographs. Owning a 99 Originals NFT grants voting rights in the Originals DAO, and certain NFTs within the collection contribute to charitable initiatives, enabling the DAO to allocate proceeds to three designated charities.

Furthermore, 50% of the sales revenue enters a community treasury under the control of the DAO, currently worth $2.5 million, which will foster community growth and involvement.

Luxury cars

Logan Paul invests in expensive cars, including a Polaris Slingshot, Ford Bronco, Dodge Challenger SRT, and a Mercedes-Benz Maverick Sprinter Van. He also owns a Mercedes-Benz G550 4X4.

The combined value of Logan Paul's car collection is around $450,000.

His distinctive Polaris Slingshot, with its 2.4L Inline 4 Engine, is priced at $30,000. The Ford Bronco, equipped with a 2.3L turbocharged inline-4 engine, has a price tag of $44,500. Logan's purple Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock, boasting a supercharged V8 engine, comes in at approximately $89,000.

His customized Mercedes-Benz Maverick Sprinter Van, laden with luxury features, is valued at around $150,000. As for his impressive Mercedes-Benz G550 4X4, Logan owns one that starts at a base price of $141,000.

Logan Paul sold his $110,000 customized IC-BE Series school bus, the ‘Cool Bus,’ to Jesser in exchange for a Pokémon card. The Cool Bus, revamped by West Coast Customs, features various amenities, including a kitchen, toilet, and entertainment options.


Logan is a serious Pokémon trading card collector. His portfolio boasts exceptional pieces, like the extremely rare 1998 Pikachu Illustrator card. This PSA 10 card is the most expensive Pokémon trading card, valued at $5.25 million.

To showcase his prized Pikachu Illustrator card, Paul commissioned an exquisite custom pendant for $80,000 just to hold his PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator card. His dedication to elevating the presentation of his trading cards demonstrates Paul's passion for preserving (and showing off) his collectibles.

Paul's fascination with Pokémon cards doesn't end there. He also owns a $50,000 Holo Chansey card and two iconic Holo Charizards, each valued at around a million dollars. These illustrious Charizard cards are highly prized possessions, ranking among the most coveted Pokémon cards in the TCG community.

In December 2021, Logan suffered arguably the biggest fraud in Pokemon history when he invested $3.5 million in a collection of fake first-edition Pokemon cards. He eventually received a refund from the seller.

Logan Paul investing quotes

1. Leverage your supporters

3. Take risks to succeed

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