Rich Dudes│How YouTube Prankster Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth Went From Zero to $25M
Rich Dudes│How YouTube Prankster Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth Went From Zero to $25M

Rich Dudes│How YouTube Prankster Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth Went From Zero to $25M

Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian YouTuber whose creativity and Nelk Boys YouTube empire have earned him a $25 million net worth.



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Meet Kyle John Forgeard, the Canadian brain behind the Nelk Boys YouTube channel. Known for ingenious, simple, and entertaining pranks, Kyle rose to fame on the internet, amassing over seven million subscribers on his channel.

As a YouTuber, his revenue from ads, his merchandise lines through Full Send Entertainment, and other business pursuits have accumulated a substantial $25 million net worth.

Kyle truly is a versatile character in the world of content creation. His unconventional approach to success involves dropping out of Ryerson University to dedicate himself to creating content.

His earnings primarily stem from premium membership subscriptions, advertising, and the sale of merchandise. The Nelk Boys are far from inactive earners—they consciously strategize to amplify their wealth, actively engage in philanthropy, and offer help to those in need.

Kyle Forgeard net worth at a glance

Net worth 

$25 Million


July 12, 1994 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada




YouTuber & entrepreneur

Sources of wealth

Brand endorsements, Full Send, Happy Dad hard seltzer, & YouTube

Asset classes

Startups, real estate, & NFTs

Who is Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard, a prominent Canadian YouTube star, was born on July 12, 1994. Growing up in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, he lived a typical suburban lifestyle—a far cry from the significant wealth he enjoys today. From an early age, he demonstrated an inclination for artistry and entertainment, traits that later formed the foundation of his engaging and entertaining content that resonates with millions today.

Raised by his parents Rick and Gayle Forgeard, Kyle grew up alongside his sister Chantal, learning the ropes of life. He was enrolled at Ryerson University, a renowned institution in Toronto, Canada. There, he pursued a course in filmmaking, reflecting his early aspiration to create engaging content.

During these university days, the seed of his massively popular YouTube channel NELK was sown. Co-founded with Jesse Sebastiani in July 2010, the channel was initially known as NelkFilmz. It started modestly, featuring low-budget prank videos and vlogs, but soon gained a massive following across various social media platforms.

Driven by ambition and a forward-thinking mindset, Forgeard made a bold decision that many would consider unorthodox. He dropped out of Ryerson University to invest his full attention and energy into Nelk. His decision to quit formal education to focus on the YouTube channel was risky, but his passion and dedication were unwavering.

Forgeard went on to build the Nelk brand with heartfelt dedication, creating what eventually became a prominent cornerstone in the YouTube prank videos domain. His foresight is evident in the creation of the Full Send brand, which surged in popularity owing to its distinct, over-the-top merchandise.

Eventually, he founded the hard seltzer brand Happy Dad, marking his entry into the booming beverage industry. The success of Happy Dad further boosted Kyle Forgeard's net worth, validating his keen business acumen.

Looking back, Kyle Forgeard's journey, starting in suburban Mississauga, through the classrooms of Ryerson University, to achieving digital stardom and becoming an entrepreneur, holds a lesson for all. His story is an inspiring reminder that significant wealth and success are attainable with passion, creativity, and the courage to chart one's path.

How Kyle Forgeard got rich from YouTube channel Nelk

Kyle Forgeard's financial journey is unique—initially entering the entrepreneurial world as a YouTuber and video producer, he launched the entertainment venture NELK with his co-founders in 2010. Their breakthrough moment came in 2015 when a Coke prank they pulled on police officers went viral. The video, which saw police officers chuckling at the prank, propelled Kyle into stardom.

Now 28 years old, Kyle boasts an impressive net worth of $25 million. Despite being demonetized, his YouTube channel, NELK, continues to thrive with over seven million subscribers who frequently tune in for pranks, challenges, and comedic content.

Capitalizing on his YouTube fame, Kyle hosts the Full Send Podcast, with guests ranging from esteemed athletes like Mike Tyson and OJ Simpson to business moguls like Elon Musk and Billy McFarlane and even former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Expanding his wealth-building journey, Kyle ventured into the world of apparel with a clothing line named Full Send. In Kyle’s words, the brand began as a reflection of a ‘party hard’ mentality but has since evolved into a symbol of giving your all to any pursuit.

None of this could have been achieved without the unwavering support of his parents, Rick and Gayle Forgeard, who took out a $100,000 mortgage on their house to fund his first merchandise drop. That daring financial move became the catapult for today's success story.

How Kyle Forgeard invests

Given the flourishing empire and over $70 million in joint annual income, Kyle Forgeard and the NELK Boys certainly weren't going to sit on their laurels. Instead of blowing their earnings on overpriced morning meals and luxury automobiles, they invested in diverse assets, such as real estate, NFTs, and their hard seltzer brand.

Their merchandise venture Full Send notched up an impressive $50 million in 2020 alone—quite the accomplishment for a band of pranksters turned business moguls. The NELK Boys also ventured into the crypto market around the same time, diverting millions into investments in Bitcoin and other digital assets.

Their strategic approach has paid off handsomely, with group income potentially breaching the $100 million ceiling. Kyle Forgeard and his team are in league with the high rollers, and with their savvy investment skills, they're set to rub shoulders with them for the foreseeable future.


To further understand Kyle Forgeard’s net worth, it's essential to examine his and the Nelk Boys' extraordinary success in founding and running new businesses. The lion's share of his net worth was generated after launching the lifestyle brand Full Send in 2020, poised to rack up $70 million in revenue the following year.

Full Send merchandise is sold as limited drops, making the pieces rare and tough to snag. This exclusivity inflates the brand's reputation, and most items sell out within a day or two of their release.

Forgeard didn't stop at clothing, though, launching another venture in the form of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer—a trendy alcoholic soda that’s a hit with younger men. Happy Dad generates considerable revenue and claims a base of 50 million consumers.

Through these ventures, Forgeard has created a thriving business ecosystem within and around his YouTube persona.

Happy Dad

If Kyle Forgeard owns a conceivable 10% share in Happy Dad, a company valued at approximately $250,000,000, his equity would be worth $25,000,000. As for his earnings, unofficial annual revenue reports for the company place the figure at $70,000,000. 

However, it's important to note that even if these numbers hold accurate, Kyle likely isn't pocketing any revenue as the company probably retains these funds for business reinvestment.

These are conjectured figures and could differ substantially, contingent on the precise percentage of Kyle's stake in the company and other internal financial dynamics. But taken at face value, there’s a high probability that Kyle Forgeard is sitting on an unrealized $25 million. While that's a tidy sum, it doesn't significantly contribute to his liquid net worth.


In addition to crafting vibrant videos and gaining new YouTube subscribers, Kyle Forgeard and his Full Send team have made significant strides into web3.

Their Metacard NFT project launched in January 2021 drew $23 million into the pot. The Full Send Metacard NFT, crafted by the Nelk Boys, is an animated video of a rotating 3D model card that offers exclusive access to merchandise drops and physical events. 

The Full Send Metacard NFT comprises a limited-edition collection of 10,000 NFTs, boasting a floor price of 0.233 ETH at the time of publishing. With 6,770 individual holders, this NFT collection maintains a good distribution and isn't dominated by heavyweight holders.

Real estate

Between launching blockchain projects and starting businesses, Kyle and the Nelk boys have dipped their toes into the real estate market, making what seems to be a wise investment when they purchased a 9,713-square-foot house worth $9 million in April 2021.

Located around Newport Beach, California, Kyle Forgeard makes $27,000 a month from leasing the house and can write off the property as a business expense. The home includes a luxury backyard, pool, and jacuzzi while avoiding the expensive $73,000 in estimated annual property taxes. 

What Kyle and his boys have done here is nothing short of wise investing. It’s a great example of investing in real estate and enjoying the benefits of running a business out of it to skirt costly property taxes.

Kyle Forgeard investing quotes

1. Know your worth

2. Learn your market

3. Don't overthink your ideas

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