Rich Dudes│From Makeup to Music, How Cosmetics Tycoon Jeffree Star Got Rich
Rich Dudes│From Makeup to Music, How Cosmetics Tycoon Jeffree Star Got Rich

Rich Dudes│From Makeup to Music, How Cosmetics Tycoon Jeffree Star Got Rich

From makeup to millions, Jeffree Star's net worth story sparkles. We break down his $200 million beauty-to-bucks recipe.

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Jeffree Star's swift glide to a $200 million net worth didn't happen by twiddling his fingers. From his LA origins to the reign of his cosmetics dominion, it's been nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In July 2021, Star won big when he sold his Hidden Hills mansion for an astounding $16.7 million.

YouTube is Star’s stage, where his artistry and blush strokes have built an empire. Throw in a pinch of scandal and a generous dollop of global stardom, and you have a recipe perfect for raking in the money. Join us as we uncork Star's wins and his Midas touch that turns everything he grasps into rose gold.

Let's unravel the bedazzled tale of Jeffree Star's net worth, from the electronic charts to the YouTube homepage and from the cosmetic aisle to the rural charm of Wyoming real estate—we break down what makes Star's portfolio sparkle.

Jeffree Star net worth at a glance

Net worth

$200 million


November 15, 1985


American born in Los Angeles, California

Became a millionaire at



YouTuber, influencer, makeup artist, musician, and entrepreneur

Source of wealth

YouTube, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Store, and real estate

Asset classes

Real estate, luxury cars, merch, private equity, and NFTs

Jeffree Star’s origin story

Born on November 15, 1985, Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. hails from Orange County, California. Jeffree Star lost his father early in life, which put his mother front and center of his upbringing. The sight of makeup brushes and dazzling color palettes caught Jeffree’s eyes as a child.

It didn't take much convincing for his mother to allow him to experiment with her cosmetic collection. And thus, the little Star began to shine, brandishing mascara wands and lipstick like they were toddler toys.

Jeffree Star is currently single. He was in a long-term relationship with Nathan Schwandt from 2015 to early 2020. Following the split, Star had a brief romance with basketball player Andre Marhold.

Besides business and relationships, Jeffree Star is also known for his extravagant lifestyle. His handbag collection alone is worth millions, and his wardrobe is home to custom pieces that many crave. He’s also a car enthusiast, owning a fleet of high-end automobiles including several customized pink cars that align with his personal branding.

Sometimes embroiled in controversy, Star has not shied away from addressing his past mistakes openly or involving himself in the occasional feud with other celebrities. Through the highs and lows, Star continues to pave a gorgeous path in the beauty industry.

How Jeffree Star made his money

Envision a $200 million net worth, a cosmetics company rivaling industry giants, and a YouTube channel with millions of devoted followers. This is Jeffree Star’s reality.

Breaching fame’s door, Star launched himself into the music industry. His noteworthy presence on MySpace, a then-budding platform, achieved a million followers. 

Impressively adept at self-marketing, Star released Beauty Killer, his debut album, earning recognition on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. The album featured contributions from renowned music industry names like Nicki Minaj.

A potential boon turned into a bottleneck when Star signed with Akon's Konvict Muzik. Legal speed bumps halted the music's rhythm, leading Star to rethink his music career.

Never one to give up, Star harnessed his infectious personality and loyal following to chart a new course on YouTube. He carved a niche in the teeming beauty arena, where his mesmerizing makeup tutorials and enlightening product reviews began drawing a generous audience, racking up millions of views.

By 2018, Star's YouTube treasury was worth $18 million, securing him a spot as the platform's fifth-highest earner of the year. His money mojo spilled over to 2019, bringing in another $17 million. Fast forward to 2023, and Star holds a prime spot on the pedestal of the highest-paid YouTube stars.

Jeffree Star leveraged his online popularity to make his Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand thrive in the highly competitive beauty market. With products from tantalizing lipsticks to hypnotic highlighters, the brand amassed impressive revenues of over $100 million annually.

Star's influential "Jeffree Star Approved" rating became a golden opportunity for beauty brands which leveraged his extensive 15.9 million YouTube subscriber base. Elbow-deep in influencer power, Star directed this fame to turbocharge his enterprises, with Jeffree Star Cosmetics glittering on the top of the pile.

How Jeffree Star invests his money

Jeffree Star's investment portfolio is as vibrant as his makeup range—a kaleidoscope of sprawling mansions, bold forays into cannabis, luxury cars, and  NFTs.

During a chat with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson, the beauty guru pulled back the curtain on his business empire, revealing his interest in around ten diverse ventures, with real estate and the burgeoning marijuana industry prominently in the mix. Let's dive deeper into where and how Jeffree sprinkles his wealth.

Real estate

Cosmetics mogul Jeffree Star has been making waves in more than just makeup. Partial to the charm of beautiful homes, Star has had a fair number of major real estate deals.

A highlight of Star's property portfolio was his Hidden Hills mansion in California. This massive French Normandy-style estate was no ordinary abode. Star originally bought it in 2019 for $14.6 million. After giving the property a makeover with renovations, he listed it for $20 million in 2020.

Makeup tycoon Jeffree Star transformed a $14.6 million Hidden Hills mansion into a luxurious estate, selling it for $16.7 million in 2021.
Image source:

Star's mansion was far from modest. It had everything you could imagine a luxury house having: from massive living spaces to a decked-out game room featuring a Louis Vuitton pool table, the Los Angeles-based mansion was nothing short of a mega palace. Bearing a plethora of rooms for fitness, film, and even a dedicated 'beauty barn,' the mansion demonstrated Star's expansive lifestyle.

But in a twist that surprised many, the makeup guru shed off his Golden State resident tag, stating he needed out of California's atmosphere. Surprisingly, Star chose a much quieter, rural lifestyle in Wyoming. He traded the thrill of the Hidden Hills for the peace of a 70-acre ranch in Wyoming for his mental health.

In July 2021, Star won big when he sold the Hidden Hills mansion for an astounding $16.7 million. The mansion was indeed a sight to behold, stretching across 20,000 square feet with two guest houses, a gym, a theatre, and a wine cellar were just a few of the amenities he offloaded.

Before his shift to Wyoming, Star owned a bubblegum pink mansion in Calabasas, which he let go for a significant $3.4 million. Once committed to the celebrity-filled Hidden Hills, Star's abrupt change led him to chase a new energy far from the bustling LA lifestyle.

Jeffree Star also invested in a Wyoming yak ranch. Away from the beauty industry's sparkle, the ranch offers pastoral calm. This unusual investment illustrates Star's varied interests and diversified portfolio.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Founded in 2014 by internet sensation Jeffree Star, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is more than just a company blending hues—it's about feeling good in our own skin. Let’s dive into Star’s colorful and inviting empire.

The glam EDM artist diverted from his musical passions to delve into cosmetics. In November 2014, Jeffree Star Cosmetics made its mark with the launch of three velour liquid lipsticks. Star made a bold move by investing his life savings into the venture to make his vision a reality.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics offers practically everything—lipsticks, setting powders, jackets, and even mirrors, you’ll find everything you need to stay beautiful. The company also offers mystery boxes for those who love surprises. Customers resonate with these products because they’re vegan and cruelty-free, making them guilt-free.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is constantly evolving—in 2016, they launched their first eye shadow palette called Beauty Killer. 2018 kicked off with the launch of the Blood Sugar palette that emphasized red tones. That year also marked expansions into markets like Belgium, Netherlands, and France, opening new doors for the brand.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a bold beauty brand founded in 2014 that offers a vibrant mix of cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.
Image source:

Business operations weren't always rosy. Incidents like a warehouse robbery where around $2,500,000 worth of products were stolen, including the Blue Blood eyeshadow palette, put the company in dire circumstances. However, Star took control and announced an early launch to counteract the theft's impact.

Products like The Gloss lip gloss collection and collaborations with Morphe reveal the brand's dynamic nature. This quality is visible in the creation of Jawbreaker in June 2019, touted as the brand's biggest release to date.

Meanwhile, milestones were unfolding: The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star series documented the creation of the Conspiracy Collection. Not only did it earn Star around $20 million, but traffic on the launch day also led to outages.

Expansion into Singapore and Malaysia in 2019 marked a new phase of growth. Now spanning Australia, Bangladesh, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has expanded its reach to every major market on the globe.

Star carried the innovation momentum into 2020 with the release of the Blood Lust collection. This was followed by the 24-pan smoky eye Cremated Palette, the release of which got delayed due to the pandemic.

The company has had its share of criticisms and legal battles, but it defended and moved past these challenges. After all, Jeffree Star Cosmetics represents an ideal where everyone can wholly embrace who they are, naturally, unapologetically, and with distinction.

Through all these developments, Jeffree Star Cosmetics remains not just a business but a vibrant force that celebrates individuality in all its glory. There's an imperceptible magic about Star's creations that defy banality and demand attention.

Jeffree Star Store

Jeffree Star has combined blush and beef in his latest venture, the Jeffree Star Store: Makeup & Meat in Casper. Given its proximity to Star's ranch, it's likely his Instagram followers will continue to flock there for the unique mix of cosmetics and carnivorous delights.

Marijuana business

Jeffree Star likes to smoke pot. He's talked about setting up a "weed empire" and has even released marijuana-themed merch.

Jeffree's interest in the cannabis industry is not surprising—it's a booming market expected to bring revenues of $100 billion just in the U.S. in 2023. It's a green rush, and all sorts of investors want in on the action.

But Jeffree Star isn't just anybody. He's a big deal with a huge following. When Jeffree talks, people listen. When he recommends something, they buy it. So, if the YouTube star decides to leap into the green gold, his leap could leave behind a massive smoke cloud.

So, what exactly is Jeffree planning? We don't know yet. Maybe one day we’ll see Jeffree Star-branded cannabis products in stores. Or maybe he has bigger ideas. One thing is for sure: whatever Jeffree Star does in the marijuana industry will be worth watching.

In an unexpected twist, beauty mogul Jeffree Star has also dabbled into guns. Famed for painting faces, Star collaborated with Beretta, painting guns with his trademark pink. A controversial move indeed, but then again, Star knows how to trigger attention.


Jeffree Star’s car collection showcases his preference for luxury and high-performance cars. Every car in his collection speaks a language of its own.

A standout model in Star's collection is the pink McLaren 570 S. Customized by West Coast Customs, this car cost him $230,000. Its powerful 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine ensures thrilling drives.

A similar need for speed is addressed with his blue McLaren Senna—a supercar that set him back $1.7 million. But what's money when you get an exclusive car with top-notch performance?

Other cars in Star's flamboyant collection include a pink $200,000 BMW i8 Roadster and two Lamborghinis worth a combined $1.06 million. The eccentric color choice continues with a pink Lamborghini Huracan and a matte pink Lamborghini Urus. These cars, with their impressive engines, are the epitome of luxury and speed.

A Black Badge Edition Rolls Royce Wraith speaks of Star's taste for elegance—the pink and black car cost Star $330,000. A custom pink-wrapped Aston Martin Vantage is another fine pick in his collection. He also owns a custom wide-body kit Toyota Supra. It showcases a matte purple paint scheme, breaking his usual pink theme.

YouTuber Jeffree Star parades a lavish $2.4 million car collection that includes a McLaren and a Lamborghini Huracan.

Star's adventurous vibe connects with his neon blue Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Priced at $44,000, this is among his affordable cars. However, the stately pink Rolls Royce Cullinan, a luxury SUV, shoots back up to $500,000. This luxury car defines grandeur.

Star also makes space for electric power with a matte pink Tesla Model X and a historic 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The restored classic adds a vintage gist to his otherwise modern fleet. Each car in Star's collection reflects his personality—bold, unique, and extravagant. His collection is a visual treat for any car lover.


Jeffree Star's new frontier is web3. Not your usual Bitcoin or Ethereum investments, but launching personal Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Famous artist Marcelo Cantu had a special photoshoot with Jeffree to create an NFT collection—but they're not ordinary images.

The collection consists of 12 unique NFTs, each with five, ten, 250, or 4,000 copies available. For instance, the ‘MR. MYSPACE’ and ‘THE VANITY THREESOME’ pieces are the most common with 4,000 of those NFTs created. Meanwhile, seven of the 12 NFTs in the collection have only five copies, making them the rarest.

The NFT art emits a fascinating, unique aura. Barbie packaging inspires some of the NFT details. Sounds peculiar? Well, NFTs are notorious for their odd charm, and the limited availability of Jeffree’s NFTs amplifies their allure.

Owning one will cost some Ether—bids range from 0.0069 ETH to 1 ETH. Understandably, this price range might seem daunting, but it's relatively lower compared to competitors' offerings.

Jeffree's interesting leap into cryptocurrency is a brave move. In today's booming digital asset market, this is a smart play. But remember, aside from his NFT collection, no info exists on Jeffree's total crypto holdings or investments.

Jeffree Star investing quotes

1. Conquer your fears

2. Have a vision

3. Empower yourself

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