Rich Dudes│How Cristiano Ronaldo's Fancy Footwork Made Him a Multimillionaire
Rich Dudes│How Cristiano Ronaldo's Fancy Footwork Made Him a Multimillionaire

Rich Dudes│How Cristiano Ronaldo's Fancy Footwork Made Him a Multimillionaire

From humble beginnings in Madeira, Portugal, global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo grew his $500 million net worth on and off the pitch with investments in real estate, hospitality, and more.

Real Estate

Real Estate





Ready to juggle through Cristiano Ronaldo's $500 million net worth? Lace up because we're dribbling through his empire. Ronaldo's prowess isn't just on the field—he's also a pro at raking in endorsement cash to hustling in the hotel industry.

Ronaldo's lucrative private jet rental business rakes in profits as high as his jumps—one million euros a year.

Off-pitch, he's a deal-striking, brand-building, jet-flying tycoon scoring so much in business that he’s making it look like a game of FIFA. A sneak peek into Ronaldo's lavish world could give the Kardashians a run for their money. Get ready for a CR7-style rollercoaster—bet even Neymar and Lionel Messi would roll with envy.

This article delivers the deets on Ronaldo’s empire. Think you know CR7? Let's dive in.

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth at a glance

Net worth

$500 million


February 5, 1985


Portuguese born in Funchal, Portugal

Became a millionaire at



Pro soccer player, businessman, model, and philanthropist

Sources of wealth

Pro soccer, endorsements, Pestana CR7, and other business ventures

Asset classes

Sports, real estate, merch, cars, hospitality, and startups

How Cristiano Ronaldo made his money

Born to kit-man José and Maria, a cook in Madeira, Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro emerged from humble beginnings. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for our boy. His mom worked her fingers to the bone to keep the family ticking.

But nothing could stop this youngster from chasing the ball and making it to Sporting Lisbon before switching to the Premier League club Manchester United. Cristiano then caught the eye of Real Madrid, whose $100 million bet on him paid off big time—Ronnie delivered performance after jaw-dropping performance.

He never forgot his roots, signing up as an ambassador for philanthropies like Save the Children, Unicef, and World Vision. Despite an unwelcome tax fraud scandal in 2017, Ronnie bounced back. Over the years, he's made over $1 billion in career earnings.

After a quick jaunt at Juventus and a second stint with Manchester United, the Portuguese professional soccer player signed a $75 million per year contract with Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr FC, potentially locking in around $207 million per year with commercial agreements.


When he’s not banging goals into the back of the net, soccer pro Cristiano Ronaldo is making killer brand deals that rake in passive income. Ronaldo signed a lifetime deal with Nike, a privilege only legends like Michael Jordan are sacred enough to boast.

Ronaldo’s Nike deal earns him over $20 million annually, not including his deals with other brands. He's a popular face for Altice, Herbalife, and DAZN. This football wizard has so much bottled-up charm that he used some to launch his brand CR7, which adds another hefty dose of dollars to his net worth.

Career milestones

Cristiano Ronaldo earned five Ballon d'Or titles, multiple Golden Boots, and a few FIFA World Player of the Year awards—he’s rubbing shoulders with phenoms like Lionel Messi. 

Kicking it off in Manchester United, he loaded up eight major honors, from Premier League titles to a Champions League trophy. He then strutted off to Real Madrid and bagged 15 major titles, including four Champions League trophies.

Top scorer in La Liga, UEFA Champions League, you name it, he's aced it. Still playing top-level football as an active team sport athlete in his late 30s, Ronaldo remains a goal-scoring machine.

And what's more, he's a big-match player, always turning up when the stakes are high. Off the pitch, he's no less influential: a global icon, trendsetter, powerhouse of philanthropy, and a sort of Michael Jordan of soccer.

How Cristiano Ronaldo invests

Beyond the glitz of football, Ronaldo's scoring big off-field goals. The dude spread his riches into hotels, startups, merch, and fancy rides—his moves aren't confined to the pitch. Ready to unravel Cristiano Ronaldo's net worth? Let's roll.

Real estate

Ever wondered what football GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo invests his money in? Ronaldo is a big real estate investor when he's off the pitch. And we're not talking about average homes.

Ronaldo has a taste for bricks and mortar just as much as he does in football. The first stop is a swanky mansion in Cheshire, England, where Ronaldo bagged a 23-acre property. The villa features a sick theater, a pool, a four-car garage, and private security. But he sold it because a public footpath ran through the property. What a bummer.

Ronaldo got himself a second home in Cheshire, more traditional-looking this time—just as grand as the man himself.

Ronaldo dipped his toes in his homeland's real estate market, too. Enter Quinta da Marinha AKA the Portuguese Riviera. This time he didn't just buy a property. He's building one from scratch. The land alone cost him $7.2 million.

This second home has potentially the largest garage in Portugal, capable of fitting 30 cars. It also boasts bedroom suites with killer ocean views, indoor and outdoor pools, a theater, a spa, and a game room. Ronaldo's new crib is so over the top that it's rumored to be the most expensive property in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly bought a luxurious Spanish villa in Marbella featuring panoramic windows, a floating staircase, and a home cinema. Yet another prime home added to his expansive global real estate portfolio.

Cristiano Ronaldo owns a tastefully furnished Marbella villa with a sea view, gym, and home cinema in Spain's Superstars Cul de Sac.

But why exactly is Ronaldo pouring cash into properties? You might think it's about owning grand homes, but there's more than meets the eye. Real estate can be a cash cow, a great way to rake in sideline profit. Ronaldo can rent out these places or hold them to sell for more later once they go up in value.

The most intriguing aspect of Ronaldo's real estate ventures is the personal touch. By scooping properties in England and Portugal, he can enjoy the comforts of home wherever he may be. It's all about living the Ronaldo life in style and security, no matter the locale.

And let's not overlook the considerable boost to his fortune. Ronaldo's English and Portuguese lairs are more than just sophisticated but valuable. The fact that Ronaldo can pump millions into these homes proves how financially capable the soccer star is. With each investment, he's catapulting his wealth higher and higher.


Our stellar footy isn't satisfied with ruling just the football world. He's storming into new territories like a boss. What did he dip his toe into? Hotels. Partnering with the Pestana Hotel Group, he's blessed us with an ultra-chic chain called Pestana CR7.

The first hotel he opened is in the heart of the Baixa Pombalina neighborhood in Lisbon. Known for its bustling vibe and historic charm, what better place to debut Ronaldo's vision of luxury and style?

The second jewel is in Funchal at Avenida Sa Carneiro, boasting surreal sea views and complimentary access to the CR7 Museum. Can you resist the lure of simultaneously waking up to gorgeous views and soaking up some football history?

Ronaldo's already mapped out his expansion plans, and they're lavish. The globetrotter is setting his sights on the romantic city of Paris and the infamous New York. Crossing the boundaries from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty, Pestana CR7 is gearing up to shake the hospitality industry and conquer the world, just like Ronaldo did in soccer.

Pestana CR7 hotels are designed with an intricate eye for detail. They offer a unique blend of luxury that seamlessly weaves in local vibes.  By staying at Pestana CR7, you're signing up for an immersive cultural experience enveloped in luxury.

These ventures are making Ronaldo's net worth hit the roof and transforming him into a global brand.


A sweet surprise from Ronaldo's playbook is his splash in the restaurant business. Paired with Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, and Enrique Iglesias, they own the haute restaurant Zela, offering excellent dining in Ibiza and London.

But don't worry about packing on a few pounds from all that gourmet food. Ronaldo's got you covered with his fitness empire. His CR7 Crunch Fitness centers are making people sweat in Madrid, with plans to open 100 to 150 more worldwide.

Ronaldo's lucrative private jet rental business rakes in profits as high as his jumps—one million euros a year. CR7 tops it off with a 50% stake in Insparya, a hair transplantation clinic back home in Portugal.


Ronaldo has a firm foot in the fashion industry. He owns various merch lines, from delightful lingerie to trendy jeans brand CR7 Denim.

Ronaldo even produced his signature scent, Eden Perfume Cristiano Ronaldo Fragrance. Getting a whiff of victory, are we?

Cristiano's merch collection includes football jerseys that’ll make your local team look like a gaggle of schoolgirls. Grab the Black Dragoon Special Edition Kid's Soccer Jerseys for your little ones and watch them light up the pitch in style.

Fancy graphic tees? Ronaldo’s collections have bold designs that stand out in the crowd. And if you're a fan of the man himself, score an autographed photo frame of Ronaldo and his Real Madrid teammates Gareth Bale and Sergio Ramos. Just what you need to turn your living room wall into a sporting shrine.

Now, let’s transport ourselves from the noisy football stadiums to the tranquil and heady world of perfumes. The CR7 Fragrances are bold and sophisticated—inspired by Ronaldo's lifestyle and values. Douse yourself in Cristiano Ronaldo Fearless, Cristiano Ronaldo Origins, CR7 Game On, CR7 Play It Cool, or CR7 Legacy, and grace your peers with refined fragrance.

Whether you're planning a beach party or a night soiree, Ronaldo's colognes got you covered for every occasion. Also in the CR7 lineup are everyday essentials like aftershaves, body sprays, deodorants, and shower gels.

Soccer fans can have a slice of their idol's persona by dabbing on Ronaldo's Eau De Toilette or walking into their next match smelling heavenly with CR7 Game On Men Spray. Just like Ronaldo, these perfumes help you put your best forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo's $10 million investment in alkaline water brand URSU9 has significantly contributed to his growing net worth.
Image source:

Ronaldo's endorsement of his mineral water brand URSU9 has caused quite a buzz, mainly due to questionable health claims. Ronaldo's $10 million investment into the brand sent ripples worldwide.

Ronaldo announced URSU9 on Instagram to his global following of hundreds of millions, making it the talk of the town overnight. And to give it a flying start, Ronaldo threw a sparkling launch party in Madrid, where people went gaga over seeing him with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Luxury cars

Got some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket? Cristiano Ronaldo might have some ideas for you. The football legend’s car collection of 17 cars is worth $18 million.


Estimated worth

Bugatti Centodieci

$8.9 million

Ferrari Monza SP2

$1.8 million

Bugatti Chiron and Veyron

$4 million

McLaren Senna

$1 million

Rolls-Royce Phantom and Cullinan

$1.3 million 

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4




Aston Martin DB9


In case you're wondering, Ronaldo has a preference for Rolls Royce (obviously, who wouldn't?). Surprisingly, the standout might be the Ferrari Monza SP2, a one-off speedster model.

Ronaldo's car collection is like an art gallery where each piece is chosen for its impeccable aesthetics. Sleek color tones, fancy wheels, man, he got it all.

Cristiano Ronaldo investing quotes

1. Believe in yourself

2. Work hard

3. Keep leveling up

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