Rich Dudes│How Bad Bunny Went From Bagboy to Regeaton Millionaire
Rich Dudes│How Bad Bunny Went From Bagboy to Regeaton Millionaire

Rich Dudes│How Bad Bunny Went From Bagboy to Regeaton Millionaire

Bad Bunny went from bagging groceries to a $40 million net worth thanks to his record-smashing music career. His investments may keep it growing.



Real Estate

Real Estate





From dance trends on TikTok and performing at the Super Bowl halftime show to WWE matches and activism, Bad Bunny is everywhere. But the Puerto Rican rapper is best known for his signature reggaeton and Latin trap music.

Along with millions of fans in Latin America and worldwide and a record-setting Grammy nomination, Bad Bunny—Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio—has built a net worth of $40 million since launching his career in 2016.

Despite owning the limited-edition Bugatti which sells for upwards of $3.3 million, Bad Bunny prefers to move around in his 2003 Toyota Corolla to keep a low profile

El Conejo Malo had the highest-grossing tour by a Latin artist, according to Billboard Boxscore, and earned $120 million from his summer 2022 concerts. He complements his income by investing in collectibles and franchises, like his stake in the Puerto Rican basketball team Los Cangrejeros de Santurce.

As we deep dive into Bad Bunny's net worth, keep reading to glimpse his investments, like his part-ownership of Miami's Gekkō steakhouse and his $3 million Bugatti.

Bad Bunny net worth at a glance:

Net worth

$40 Million


March 10, 1994


Puerto Rican born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico


Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional professional wrestler

Sources of wealth


Asset classes

Stocks, startups, cars, real estate

How Bad Bunny made his money

Bad Bunny, born as Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, is a Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton singer with two younger brothers. Bad Bunny's singing skills have captivated a global audience. His trap-infused beats and introspective lyrics resonate with his fans, addressing themes such as street life and relationships.

As one of only a few Puerto Rican musicians experimenting with trap music, Bad Bunny's tracks gained traction and eventually caught the ear of music executive Noah Assad in 2016. Assad described it as a "Gen-Z reinvention of reggaeton" and decided he must meet the rapper.

With Assad as his manager, he got signed to the label Hear This Music by music producer DJ Luian after his song, Diles, garnered significant recognition on SoundCloud. Bad Bunny released a 2016 single, "Soy Peor," which ranked #19 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart, and his 2017 collaboration with Karol G, "Ahora Me Llama," reached #10.

Bad Bunny's career took off in 2017 when he released his debut album, X 100pre. This album featured collaborations with renowned artists such as Daddy Yankee and Prince Royce and showcased his unique blend of Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton music.

Within a relatively short period, In 2018, Bad Bunny's music career hopped onto US airwaves with two high-profile collaborations: "I Like It" with Cardi B and J. Balvin and "Mia" with Drake. His stateside fame grew relatively quickly—"Mia" hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year—and he began smashing records for Latin and Spanish-speaking musicians.

  • Three of his albums earned top Billboard 200 spotsYHLQMDG at No. 2, his third album El Último Tour Del Mundo, and Un Verano Sin Ti at #1—firsts for Spanish-language albums. 
  • His March 2020 hit "Yo Perreo Sola" was his ninth #1 single on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart in two years.
  • He was a guest performer at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show alongside headliners Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.
  • YHLQMDG was the top album globally on Spotify in 2020 and became the most streamed artist three years in a row

In February 2020, Bad Bunny launched his second studio album, YHLQMDLG, which quickly became a sensation with hit singles like "Yo Perreo Sola" and "La Dificil," reaching the top of the Latin charts and ultimately becoming his best selling album. Not too long after, in May 2020, He followed the album up with the compilation album Las que no iban a salir.

With numerous awards and nominations to his name, Bad Bunny's talent and artistry have been recognized by the industry. The singer has won several Billboard Latin Music Awards and Latin Grammy Awards. In 2020 alone, he took home the Best Latin Pop Album award for YHLQMDLG and claimed the title of Best Trap Artist.

Aside from his music, the Puerto Rican singer also got involved in skateboarding and professional wrestling. In 2020, he made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble and continues to make appearances. He also had a recurring spot on Narcos: Mexico and a role in the 2022 action-comedy Bullet Train.

Bad Bunny's career earnings

Bad Bunny's net worth is evidence of his status as a top-tier artist, which he amassed through record-breaking tours. Through his phenomenal ticket sales, record-breaking tours, and extensive endorsement deals, he accumulated a cool $88 million in pre-tax earnings in 2022.

Tours and ticket sales

In 2022, his El Último Tour Del Mundo grossed nearly $120 million in ticket sales in North America alone, making it the highest-grossing tour by a Latin artist in Billboard Boxscore history. Additionally, his second tour in 2022, The World's Hottest Tour, generated $314 million in ticket sales. The combined revenue from both tours amounted to a staggering $435 million, securing Bad Bunny's position as the highest-grossing artist in a single calendar year.

Continuing his streak of achievements, Bad Bunny became Spotify's most-streamed artist for three consecutive years, accumulating over 18.5 billion streams in 2022 alone. His albums, such as X100pre and YHLQMDLG, achieved tremendous success, with his fourth studio album, Un Verano Sin Ti, selling nearly 4 million copies by January 2023.

Bad Bunny's in-the-round setup for his tours allowed for an additional 5,000 seats per show, possibly totaling over 150,000 extra tickets across the entire tour. Through dynamic pricing, which adjusts ticket prices based on demand, Bad Bunny maximized his earnings, with tickets ranging from $500 to $50. 

His shows at FTX Arena in Miami earned a remarkable $12.4 million from 55,000 tickets sold, setting a per-night record for the venue and becoming the highest-grossing Boxscore in FTX's history.

Earnings from other sources

The WWE reportedly pays Bad Bunny at least $100,000 each time he enters the ring.

Bad Bunny has collaborated with various renowned brands in the realm of endorsements, further contributing to his impressive earnings. He's struck juicy ambassadorial deals with brands like Corona, Cheetos, and Adidas. 

In 2021, he appeared in a commercial for Cheetos during the Super Bowl. And in 2020, he starred in a Corona beer ad campaign, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive outlook during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bad Bunny's influence and popularity have also led to successful collaborations with Apple and Pepsi, further boosting his earnings and exposure.

Bad Bunny has secured lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Corona, Cheetos, and Adidas.

Apart from being one of the most streamed artists, the entertainer reportedly earned $150,000 for his role in the film Bullet Train, where he portrayed a Mexican assassin. The movie, featuring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, grossed $239 million globally. Bad Bunny's previous acting work also includes a role in Narcos: Mexico.

How Bad Bunny invests

Bad Bunny, the multi-talented artist and global superstar, excels in music and entertainment and exhibits a diversified investment portfolio.

From co-owning a basketball team and launching a high-end restaurant to owning luxury cars and prime real estate properties, his investments span various asset classes, showcasing his business acumen and passion for diverse ventures.


Bad Bunny diversifies his portfolio by investing in stocks. In May 2021, the rapper took on a new role as a co-owner of Los Cangrejeros de Santurce. This venture sees him partnering with manager Noah Assad and Jonathan Miranda of Rimas Music Entertainment to support the team and contribute to basketball development in Puerto Rico.


In August 2022, Bad Bunny launched Gekkō in Miami's Brickell neighborhood. The area is the city's financial center, and the restaurants and bars tend to cater to upscale, business, and banking clientele. Bad Bunny co-owns the Japanese-inspired steakhouse with David Grutman of Groot Hospitality, which owns several high-end nightlife establishments in Miami.

While Bad Bunny and Grutman didn't have to build it from the ground up, they did have the interior designed by the Rockwell Group, known for luxurious restaurant and lounge designs.

The fraction of Bad Bunny's net worth invested in Gekkō isn't public, but we can look at similar restaurants to estimate his position. Opening a sushi restaurant takes about $200,000 to $500,000 as of July 2023.

Since Bad Bunny and Grutman are the only owners, it's fair to assume the Latin artist holds a 50% stake of about $100,000 or more in the restaurant.


Superstars love to invest in collectible cars, so Bad Bunny's 2020 purchase of a Bugatti Chiron 110 ANS makes perfect sense. But despite owning the limited-edition Bugatti which sells for upwards of $3.3 million, Bad Bunny prefers to move around in his 2003 Toyota Corolla to keep a low profile and take the stress out of driving.

With only 20 made, Bad Bunny's ultra-rare Bugatti Chiron 110 ANS costs over $3 million.

The Bunny Bugatti suffered a minor fender-bender outside of Gekkō when a Lamborghini Urus rear-ended it while the driver tried maneuvering out of their parking space. The low-speed collision probably left minor damage, but it's another reason to keep his Chiron in the garage.

However, with only 20 Bugatti Chiron 110 ANS cars in existence, even a slightly dented one is a valuable asset.

Bad Bunny's car collection also includes the sporty BMW M2 at $67,000, the off-road-ready Mercedes G-Wagon priced at $156,000, and the luxurious Rolls Royce Dawn with a staggering $356,000 valuation. These vehicles feature powerful engines and impressive acceleration, reflecting his taste for both performance and luxury.

Real estate

Bad Bunny owns a Los Angeles, California mansion, specifically in the Hollywood Hills area. He purchased the property for nearly $9 million in January 2023.

Additionally, Bad Bunny owned a mansion in San Juan, Puerto Rico, although specific details about the property remain undisclosed. At one point, he also lived in a $3 million mansion with his ex-girlfriend Gabriele Berlingeri. However, after their breakup in 2022, Bad Bunny moved on and purchased his Los Angeles mansion.

It's worth mentioning that Bad Bunny also customized a Peterbilt rig, a massive 53-foot trailer, as a tribute to his family members who work as truckers. Named "The Last Big Rig," he converted it into a living space and offered it for rental through Airbnb, allowing fans to experience a glimpse of his tour life.

Bad Bunny investing quotes

1. Believe in your investments

2. Don't fear the dips

3. Keep it simple

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