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35+ Employees

Seasoned team of finance, technology, and operations innovators and experts.


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Diamonds prices gained 31% one year after Diamond Standard IPO



Sell coins and bars on the peer-to-peer spot market


35+ Employees

Seasoned team of finance, technology, and operations innovators and experts.

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35+ Employees

Seasoned team of finance, technology, and operations innovators and experts.

Open to All Investors

Top Perks of Investing in Regulator-Approved Commodity Diamonds

Diamonds, as a market-traded asset, offer access to a valuable natural resource valued at $1.2 trillion, providing diversification, inflation protection, and a store of wealth for institutional and individual investors.

The natural gemstone market is projected to experience a 10% CAGR over the next five years, outperforming the long-term CAGR of roughly 7.2% for the S&P index.

Diamond prices exhibit stable behavior compared to the stock market, equities, and other commodities, making them a relatively consistent investment option.

Regulated Diamond is highly liquid, meaning users can exit their positions quickly and with minimal price impact.

Can I trust Diamond Standard?

Diamond Standard is backed by world-class VC and investment management firms like Horizon Kinetics LLC, Left Lane Capital, and Gaingels.


# of Investors


Amount Raised



# of Investors


Amount Raised





# of Investors


Amount Raised




With a market value of $1.2 trillion, diamonds outshine silver and platinum combined, and the market size is projected to grow at a steady 4.4% CAGR by 2030.


Diamond Standard has created a regulated and fungible diamond commodity in the form of physical Coins or Bars, making it easy for anyone to invest in diamonds. Each Coin or Bar contains the same value of diamonds, audited and authenticated on the blockchain, and represented by a digital token stored inside the commodity. 


Investors can make money by buying these Coins and Bars and potentially selling them at a higher price on the Diamond Standard peer-to-peer spot market or leasing them back to Diamond Standard to earn interest.

High Growth

Diamonds appreciated 31% one year after Diamond Standard IPO

Low Correlation

Diamonds typically have a low correlation to gold, stocks, or bonds


Ownership of Diamond commodities and tokens

Diamond Standard Pros & Cons

The Good
  • Trade Diamond Standard Coins and Bars instantly without any fees

  • Diamond Standard offers secure managed custody for investors' commodities with their trusted custodian, Brinks.

  • Diamond Standard offers investors the ability to earn income both from capital gains and interest.

  • Investing in Diamond Standard's Coins, Bars, and Fund provides investors access to a $1.2 Trillion market.

  • Start investing from $100 with no hidden fees.

The Not-So-Good
  • The minimum investment for Diamond Standard Fund is $100,000.

  • After the first year, investors will be required to acquire and maintain custody credits to continue accessing their assets.

  • Only accredited investors can access the Diamond Standard Fund.

Diamond Standard Track Record



Across 4,000 users


Net Annualized Returns

Out-performed the S&P in the first year

Over 15%


On the Diamond Standard Coin since IPO

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Dimamond Returns Calculator

Calculate how much you can earn by investing in Diamonds. Results vary based on the investment amount, term, and other conditions.




Projected Fees


Projected return


Value after fees


How it Works

Here’s how Diamond Standard helps investors build long-term wealth with tokenized diamonds

Here’s how Diamond Standard helps investors build long-term wealth with tokenized diamonds


Create an Account

Sign up and follow the instructions to create your account. Diamond Standard's two-factor authentication ensures the security of your investments and personal information.


Choose Investments

Select from three investment options: Diamond Standard Coins, Diamond Standard Bars, or Diamond Standard Carats. Choose the investment that aligns with your financial goals.


Submit Payment

Invest securely using various payment methods such as Credit/Debit Card, ACH, or Wire Transfer. Follow the prompts to complete your payment. Rest assured that your financial transactions are protected.


Complete KYC

Meet industry compliance and safety standards by completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. If you are an individual investor, provide your preferred payment method, valid identification, and proof of address. For institutional or corporate investors, schedule a meeting with Diamond Standard's team through the provided link.



Once your investment is confirmed, Diamond Standard will mint and assemble your unique diamond commodity using its optimized process.



Once your Diamond Standard commodities are ready, they will be shipped to you overnight via insured mail or stored securely in Brink's secure vault in Delaware, depending on the delivery option you choose.

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How You
Make Money

Diamond Standard allows you to invest in regulated diamond commodities in the form of physical Coins or Bars. Investors can trade these commodities as tokens on a blockchain. You can make money by selling your coins or bars on the spot market for instant liquidity or by leasing your coins back to Diamond Standard to earn interest.

Primary Sale

Sell your Carats, Coins, or Bars on Diamond Standard's spot market


When you lease your coins back to Diamond Standard

How Diamond Standard
Makes Money

Diamond Standard earns a margin on coin production, charges yearly Custody Fees of $36 per coin for holding the commodities, and imposes a Fund Management Fee of 2% for accredited investors.


Custody Fee

Paid at the time of purchase


Management Fee

For investors who choose the Fund option

How You’re Taxed

Diamond Standard's diamond commodities and tokens can be subject to both capital gains and income tax, with the exact rate depending on the taxpayer's country of residence, personal income tax bracket, and whether or not the investment is held in a tax-advantaged account. 

Diamond Standard does not provide any tax documentation, so contact your accountant at the end of each tax year to learn how to file your tax returns. 

Investors are not expected to trigger a taxable event until one of their diamond coins, bars, or tokens is sold at a profit. Diamond commodities do, however, trigger a taxable event as soon as they generate income.

Investments held for longer than a year benefit from long-term capital gains tax—taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income.

Federal, state, and local taxes also affect the total tax burden associated with the investment. For more clarity, consult with an advisor before making an investment.


Capital Gains

Investments held for >1 year benefit from long-term cap gains tax


Income Tax

On interest payments

Meet the Team

Diamond Standard boasts a seasoned team of 35 innovators and pioneers in finance, technology, compliance, and operations.

Cormac Kinney, Founder & CEO of Diamond Standard, has over 4,000 patents to his name and has founded six startups, with four acquired by public companies or investment funds. He managed over $500 million for Tudor and Millennium utilizing sentiment analysis and designed over 100 institutional trading systems. Having raised venture capital from prominent firms and developed groundbreaking technologies, Cormac has now pioneered the creation of the only regulator-approved diamond commodity, transacted through blockchain and forming a decentralized reserve asset.

Diamond Standard


Here's what you'll need to invest on Diamond Standard

Accredited and Non-accredited investors
Over 18 years of age
Accredited and Non-accredited investors
Over 18 years of age